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San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH)


SFGH (aka "The General" or "The County") has a Ward Service, a Consult Service, and a Neurocritical Care (NCC) Service. Residents do one to two months on the Ward Service as an R2 and two to three as a senior (late R3 year and R4 year). Residents spend 2 months on the Consult Service as a senior resident (usually during the R3 year). Residents spend one month on the NCC service during the R3 year. The Ward Service ranges from very busy in the winter (10-20 patients) to slow in the summer (5-10). The ward and NCC services provide extensive clinical experience in coma, stroke, trauma, intoxications, severe convulsive disorders, and complications of alcoholism and AIDS. Because the city's major emergency room is located here, a significant proportion of patients have acute neurological or neurosurgical problems. The Consult Service is the most active of all specialties in the UCSF system. Yearly, there are approximately 425 admissions and over 750 consultations. While on service at SFGH, residents staff two new patient clinics a week and one additional follow-up clinic per month on site. Each year there are about 3900 clinic visits. There are ample opportunities to engage in teaching medical students and other rotators. There is a Night Neurology Rotation (2 weeks) that covers the service 5 days per week. The other two days are covered by rotating residents on other services.







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